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Who came up with the idea for cosmetics?

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Who came up with the idea for cosmetics?
The Origins and Inventions of Cosmetics
One of the most fascinating things about cosmetics is their durability. When we look at a recognizable model’s image on television or on the page of a magazine what we see is not any different from what people of different cultures looked at thousands of years ago when they looked at the faces of the powerful and wealthy.
This is because cosmetics were not an idea that was new to cultures that inhabited the world long before ours’. Cosmetics for instance, are described in the Old Testament as face painting. In all time it was considered to be an act of honor to have your face covered – with a mark.
However, it would be impossible – to focus on a single direction to pinpoint the origins of cosmetics since so many cultures contributed in major ways to make it what it is today.
Early Origins of Cosmetics
To begin with, a number of Egyptian remains have been discovered that date back to around 10,000 BC which show eye shadows of the people of this society that are believed to have used it to commemorate burials and 脫毛 – other religious ceremonies. Curiously, the eye shadows women used at the time were not only made from natural minerals but also from crushed wings of beetles.
The Romans invented the term Cosmetae to describe slaves who bathed both males and women with perfume several centuries later. This was a significant trend in the history cosmetics. Not only did the Romans practice this, but many cultures also began to combine the concepts of cosmetics , perfume and scent. This was because of the method that both cosmetics as well as perfumes were made, 脫毛 – which was extremely alike since both made use of animal and vegetable oils in their composition.
Cosmetics in Modern Times
Between the eighteenth and sixteenth centuries, the cosmetics industry shifted from focusing on the face to encompass the entire body. This was evident in the noble people of the time who utilized lead dyes to attain an even complexion. But this caused disfigurements and other serious skin problems, turning people away from cosmetics as an important turning point in the history of cosmetics.
Cosmetics were made safe by finding safer ingredients in the 19th century. This led to cosmetics becoming a commonplace because of the popularity of cosmetics among famous actresses.

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