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How data analytics resulted in ransomware-linked money laundering bust

The Binance cryptocurrency exchange has explained how advances in data analytics helped it track down a group of money launderers associated with various cybercrimes, such as the notorious Clop ransomware scam.

Ukrainian police announced the arrest of an individual and the takedown of infrastructure linked to the ‘Clop’ransomware operation earlier this month.

Binance’s statement confirms that those arrested were cashing out and dark0de reborn – laundering funds, rather than being behind the creation of the ransomware.

The group – also known as FANCYCAT – had their fingers in numerous criminal scams including laundering money for dark web operators as well as ransomware peddlers.
Follow the (digital) money

Analogous with drug dealers, the funds extracted from victims through criminal activity such as ransomware must be disguised before they may be safely spent in real life to purchase goods. That’s because any funds tied back to criminal activity can become the target of forfeiture orders.

Even when money has already been in digital form there’s a need to launder it, with abusing exchanges being among the main techniques in play.

“Blockchain analysis shows a network of money launderers living inside macro exchanges which deposit and withdraw together to wash the cash,” based on Binance, the Cayman Islands-domiciled crypto exchange.

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