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How do I receive free piercing jewelry from a Scottish body jewelry shop

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What is ear stretching ?
The gradual stretching of your ears with the piercing of your jewelry. Most people wear their ears perforated to the standard dimensions. This means it is difficult to wear bigger earrings. How do you keep up with the latest trends?
You can go to an expert ear-piercer for an even bigger hole punctured. But, this could cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Besides, what do you do in the event that the piercing proves to be too large and too large, and then tomorrow you change your mind and don’t want to be walking around with two obvious ear canals? The ability to gauge the size of your ear piercings is a better alternative than losing a large portion of your ear. In the future, if satisfied with the stretch, you can just leave off wearing the thicker earrings and after a while , your piercing will shrink to smaller size.
What are the methods used to stretch the ear canals?
There are a variety of sizes for ear gauges. The earpiercing process is carried out using an 18- or 20 gauge needle. The gauge needle’s number is smaller when piercings are larger. To expand existing ear tapers, tapering rings and tapering inserts made of metallic materials like gold, silver or steel, are used. These devices can be used in accordance with your requirements. They taper along their lengths, from tiny to huge.
These are some things to be aware of before you measure your ears perforations.
First of all, don’t do anything by yourself. It is always best to seek out a professional piercer and , if you can, check your piercing’s accuracy under their supervision. If you do it on your own, particularly if you have little or no experience there is a possibility you may injure yourself and get an infection or a mark. Be gentle and have patience with the whole process. Move from one gauge to the next one gradually and allow as much time as it takes for your earlobes to heal in between. It can take anywhere from one to two weeks. It all depends on the person. Find what works for you.
How do you know the size of your ear or ear piercings?
The method of gauging your ear perforations is a slow and gradual process but it’s much better than going around with your ears covered in bandages. It is best to select the size closest to the one you have and then purchase metal earrings or insert tapers in that size. Due to the less chance of infection, 脫毛 – earrings made of metal are superior to ones made from other materials.
When you’ve got the tapers to the proper size, clean your hands before lubricating the inserts with oil or petroleum jelly. Next, carefully insert the earrings into your piercings. You should only do one ear at time. You don’t want them all to go through your ear in one go. Use warm water and soap to clean the holes. After you have inserted the tapers, clean your earlobes, apply a little more of the petroleum jelly, and leave your ears to adjust to the new, unaccustomed weight. Your ears will feel a little sore for a couple of weeks until they are accustomed to the new size.
Make sure the piercing holes are clean by washing them gently two times every day. Be sure to get rid of the crusty formation daily. Apply alcohol regularly on the taper inserts to clean them. The soreness aside, if there is bleeding, unusual pain or any indications of infection, go and seek medical attention immediately. You don’t have to visit the doctor if take the right time and care. The tapers will stretch your ears as required. You can test it by shifting your inserts. You are aware that your ear holes have been stretched when you’re comfortable moving your earrings with ease and without experiencing any discomfort. It may take up to two weeks to reach these stages. It is best to wait until your ears heal completely before you can begin wearing regular ear piercing jewelry. You can choose to go larger if you need a larger ear perforation. Repeat the process using the next ear gauge.

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