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Changes to the skincare regime for autumn/winter

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The autumn season is like a stuttering teenager, with blustery winds and central heat. It also signifies a shift in diet to more nutritious foods. The skin has likely suffered a certain amount of damage during the summer and now is the time to ease it in to the new season with a few easy tweaks to your skincare routine.
Don’t try to hold on to the last shreds of a tan. A patchy, 脫毛 – peeling tan will not look as good as a smooth, even complexion. There are two kinds that can help achieve the desired appearance chemical (based on glycolic acid or lactic acids which aid in breaking the bonds that hold dirt to the skin) and physical. These use friction to help move dirt around.
It’s easy to overlook exfoliating this part of your beauty routine, and then do it again when you finally decide to do it. As with all things, it is best to exfoliate at least once per week. Physical exfoliation can be done every two times a week. Be gentle and do avoid rubbing too hard as it can damage the skin’s natural protection. Small scratches can cause irritation and 脫毛 – irritation.
Our indoor surroundings become extremely dry once the radiators go off. This is what causes most skin problems during the winter and fall months, and more than the severe weather. Applying a moisturiser that is good for your skin will not only make your skin feel more smooth and firmed, but also stop the skin loosing any additional moisture. To give your skin a boost, add a serum to your moisturiser. It is also possible to add a night cream or serum to your daily routine to provide extra nourishment at the end of the day. You can be sure that your moisturising creams be effective if you combine them.
It is a false assumption that a cream for deep moisturisation can cause acne: if you are suffering from acne it is more likely that the components do not meet your skin’s requirements. Keep looking for the perfect autumn-winter moisturiser and your skin will thank you in the spring.
Complexion Correction
Tinted moisturiser and enhancing your complexion and 脫毛 – foundation – who can endure winter without them? To avoid the classic look of a watermark ensure you pick the right shade for skin with sunburn. There are a variety of great foundations available. However, it’s still difficult to locate a foundation that achieves the ideal balance between moisturization and staying put. It’s just a matter of compromising and deciding which is more important to you.
Make sure that you have sun protection in any of your items. UVA rays still penetrate through clouds and glass and they are also the agents that cause cells to alter and in the long future, cause cancer. Ideally this protection should be included in a moisturiser, or primer to ensure it covers every area of the face. (Foundation is best applied to areas that require evening out, therefore not as effective as SPFs.)
The lips’ softer skin can appear rough and needs some attention. It is fine to scrub your lips, but be careful not to do it often. Afterwards, select lip products that moisturize with SPF and that are as natural as you can. Women use between 4 and 7 pounds of lip products throughout their lifetime. Reduce the amount of chemical in your lip products whenever possible.
With a few simple measures – it is easy to have beautiful skin this autumn/winter , without feeling as though you must stay inside until spring comes back with us.

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